Hole Punch – 32mm

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A hole punch for a 32mm hole.     Supplied from The Brewshop

These hole punches are great for making really clean holes that are free of burrs. The holes made with this type of punch are significantly better than a hole made with a carbide drill bit or many other hole saws. These produce clean holes and can be used in mild sheet steel up to 3mm thick or stainless steel up to about 1.5mm thick. If you are looking for a really easy way to make really clean holes this is the best product for the job.


STEP 1: To use this type of hole punch you simply use a drill but such as this stepped drill bit to drill a pilot hole.

STEP 2: Place bolt through hole.

STEP 3: Attach die and punch together from punch kit.

STEP 4: Use ring spanner to tighten bolt.

STEP 5: Keep tightening the bolt until you hear the click sound of the punch passing through the steel.

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