Disposable Nitrogen (N2) Gas Cylinder



High Capacity Disposable Nitrogen (N2) Gas Cylinder – 1.43L – 110Bar.

These nitrogen cylinders are perfect for Nitro Stout or Nitro Coffee, and help provide a nice creamy head.

One cylinder will dispense around 40 litres of stout or nitro coffee.

Stout and nitro coffee requires high pressures (such as 2-3bar) so the product can push through the perforated disk that is inside nitro spouts. These elevated pressures require nitrogen because if CO2 was used at this high pressure the CO2 would absorb into solution and over-carbonate your beverage (if it’s stored cold). As a result, nitrogen is necessary.

Nitrogen doesn’t dissolve into solution like CO2. Even at elevated pressures only small amount of nitrogen will dissolve into solution. It doesn’t form the weak hydrogen bond with the liquid like CO2 and for that reason it does not dissolve into water based beverages easily like CO2.

High Capacity: 157L (at standard temperature and pressure)
86 grams Food Grade Nitrogen (N2)

Cylinder Type: 3 Piece Welded Cro-Molly Alloy
Cylinder Volume: 1.43L
Working Pressure: 110bar (1595.42psi)
Test Pressure: 180bar (2610.68psi)

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Directions for use
This bottle is compatible with our M10 Inert Gas Regulator. It’s also compatible with many other regulators already on the market.
1. Remove the protection cap from the valve.
2. Connect the regulator to the cylinder valve. There may be some gas escaping as you are screwing on so screw the gas cylinder into the regulator quickly to limit this loss, continue to screw on until gas stops.
3. Set the outlet flow/pressure on the regulator. Please note to turn off the gas you must remove the regulator from the cylinder.
PLEASE NOTE: If you are removing the regulator at any point you MUST use a spanner to hold the brass neck of the cylinder. Failure to do so could cause the strong adhesive glue to crack and the cylinder detach from the fitting.

To avoid the chance of leaks and returning to an empty bottle, please triple check every connection point on your system or disconnect your gas cylinder between uses.

From: Kegland

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