Clark Process CS 2kg


PBW Alternative

CLARK PROCESS CS is an especially formulated alkaline powder cleaner and sanitiser primarily designed for pipelines and associated equipment in FOOD MANUFACTURING, and BREWING AND WINE industries. It is non caustic and contains active oxygen ingredients to safely and effectively remove protein soils. CLARK PROCESS CS is safe to use on all metals and plastics and is an effective alternative to caustic alkaline cleaning products. 

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: • Dilute CLARK PROCESS CS at a rate of 100-200 grams of powder per 10 litres of hot water. • Handle with care when mixing. • Pump or circulate through lines to be cleaned for at least 10 minutes, then drain. Strong pump surge is essential for effective cleaning, particularly for complex parts of the system such as heat exchanger plates. • Rinse well with cold water and drain.

CLARK PROCESS CS is safe for use on all metals and plastics, however, spot testing is recommended.

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