Brick Road Old Dark Ale 1.5Kg



This Classic Old Dark Ale kit comes complete with Ale yeast. This delicious, ruby-brown malty beer has a toasty, caramel flavour from the dark ale malts, balanced with a medium hop bitterness that is surprisingly satisfying. For a classic Old Dark Ale add 1.5kg Brick Road Light malt extract (OR Amber or Dark for extra colour). For a lighter version add 1kg Brick Road Light Dry malt extract (OR Amber or Dark for extra colour, or 1kg dextrose). Add 500g of lactose for extra sweetness without more alcohol. Follow Brick Road and you will soon be brewing fresh beer that tastes better than commercial beer. This can contains the foundations of great beer for you to brew at home, simply and easily. You can also build your own unique recipes brick-by-brick. Brick Road searched the world to find the best maltster to create this exceptional hopped wort. Only the finest grains are selected and malted. Malts are blended to suit the beer style, then mashed with hop extracts to create hopped wort. The fresh wort is gently reduced to 80 Brix before being canned fresh on-site to retain its original delicious malt flavours.

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Dimensions 11 × 11 × 20 cm