Brick Road DME Amber 1Kg



Brick Road Amber DME is suitable for all beer, but especially amber ales, red and brown ales. For the best-tasting all-malt beer, mix well with water and Brick Road beer kits or your favourite yeast and Brick Road Hopped Malt. When mixed to 23L, this pack will contribute an amber colour around 22 EBC, and 1.017 gravity points. You can also use it in all-grain recipes when you want only the finest malt flavour. It will replace approx. 1.34 kg of base grain in your wort. This Dry Malt Extract is made from the finest fresh malted barley grown in the UK – probably the world’s best barley-growing climate. It retains the delicious, fresh malt flavour over time through the extreme care taken during the spray-drying process, removing 95% of the water so it doesn’t age in storage. Use Brick Road dry malt extract to create the finest fresh wort for brewing.

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